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A few weeks ago I watched Kris Carr’s inspiring documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer. Soon afterwards I purchased Carr’s plant-based cookbook Crazy Sexy Kitchen, co-authored with Chef Chad Sarno. Both Kris Carr and Chad Sarno are champions in the plant-based food revolution. Friday evening I was feeling a bit under the weather, so I found a recipe called Immunity Juice in the book and decided to go to Whole Foods to get the ingredients.Image

I walked into the store, only to see a display of the cookbooks and a sign over them inviting me to sign up to be a part of a Chad Sarno demonstration on Saturday! I was so excited! At the start of the weekend I was feeling a bit sad that I couldn’t jet off to the NYC Vegetarian Fest, but what is an equal or a better veggie foodie event? Chef Chad Sarno!

Saturday morning I went to the farmers’ market, worked out with my new Brook Burke DVD, and was off to the University Heights Providence Whole Foods.

Chef Chad Sarno is one of the most down to earth people I have ever met. I loved watching and listening to Sarno’s cooking demonstrations. Chad Sarno picked four recipes from the cookbook, and everyone followed along in their cookbooks as he prepared them. Then, of course, the best part was tasting these delicious plant-based foods!


The Menu:


AJ Power Smoothie – I learned that this smoothie is named after Sarno’s daughter, AJ. Chad Sarno made homemade almond milk in the Vitamix. Who knew how easy this was to make?Image

Crazy Sexy Kale Avocado Salad – I loved this so much. It was the first dish I made when I got home.


Crostini with Artichoke Puree – “garlicky” with mushrooms and horseradish


24 Karrot Cake with Cashew Cream


This was one of the best foodie events I have ever attended. There was quite an eclectic group of people, and I enjoyed mingling with people who were passionate about cooking and interested in learning more about plant-based living. All of the recipes were vegan and delicious. I would not begin to label myself as 100% vegan, but I am truly inspired by the plant-based lifestyle. I believe that including more veggies in your diet can improve your health and life. One of the best things about Crazy Sexy Kitchen is that all of the recipes are simple, delicious, and fairly quick to make. I am excited about trying out more of the cookbook recipes.

How "blog" Appropriate!

How “blog” Appropriate!

Have you heard of Crazy Sexy Kitchen?

What chef would you like to meet and watch do a demonstration? 

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