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Happy New Year!

You may be wondering how I am doing with that new year’s blogging once a week? Ha, well, not so well, but I am enjoying 2013 so far. I am a teacher and started back on the 3rd of January. Since this is my first year teaching middle school Social Studies, I don’t have much time for some of my leisurely activities, as teaching is more than a full time job. I love blogging and am thankful for those of you who can blog everyday!  Fortunately, I have been able to make time for cooking and fitness this fall. I love being a teacher and am so appreciative of my students and coworkers. This is my dream job!

I don’t make new year’s resolutions, as I feel like new year’s resolutions are often unattainable, ridiculous, and well, let’s face it, don’t last. Have you noticed that gyms in January roll out extra equipment for those who join and then by February the equipment is back in storage?  I do like the new year as a nice time to reflect. The first few weeks of January have been nice time to reflect on some goals which I started working on in 2012 and am striving to live out in 2013.

So here are some things begun in 2012 that I look forward to seeing happen in my life in 2013:

1.     Clean eating.

2.     Building up my mileage. I already run a lot, but I am excited about adding some mileage to my week and trying different fitness options when the winter weather gets to me. I have been inspired by a few twitter chats to get more DVDs for back up.

3.     Get more sleep!

4.   Be more active in the HLBlog network.

5.     Keep eating whole foods rather than processed foods.

6. Coach spring track and inspire my students to become confident athletes while developing an excitement for healthy living.

I have a foodie bucket list item which I hope to cross off my list this year, participating in a food swap. I discovered a vegan food swap from The Verdant Life blog and have signed up to send a box of vegan goodies and then receive one!  I am so excited and will definitely find time to blog about the whole experience.

I am curious to hear what your healthy living new year’s fitness goals are?

Any fun foodie bucket list items you are hoping to accomplish?


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